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November 4th - 7th, 2010 (click for map)


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Event Location:
Las Vegas

Organizer Contact:
Fax: 702 256-4227

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Just a few more things to remember!

    DVIDA Syllabus Figures Chart

    Pro/Am Rules & Guidelines

    Top Teacher Prize Money & Placement Points

    Cancellation/Refund Policy

    Amateur Age Classifications

    Pre-Teen Rules & Regulations

Amateur Age Classifications

Amateur Age Categories

A. Age classifications, "a" through "f-(3)", will become effective on January 1st of the year in which the individual's classification age is attained, regardless of the actual birth date.
1. Pre-Teen I: 9th birthday or less
2. Pre-Teen II: 10th or 11th birthday
3. Junior I: 12th or 13th birthday
4. Junior II: 14th or 15th birthday
5. Youth: 16th, 17th or 18th birthday
6. Adult: 19th birthday or greater
a) Senior I: 35th birthday or greater
b) Senior II: 45th birthday or greater
c) Senior III: 55th birthday or greater

B. Organizers may combine age classifications as follows:
1. Pre-Teen I and Pre-Teen II into a single Pre-Teen classification.
2. Junior I and Junior II into a single Junior classification.
3. Senior I, Senior II, and Senior III into a single Senior classification.
4. Organizers may combine classifications not listed above by obtaining written permission from the Ballroom Director.

C. Organizers may offer additional age category competitions, such as "Under 21", etc.

D. Competitors may dance "up" or "down" as follows:
1. Pre-Teen I competitors may dance up one age classification to "Pre-Teen II".
2. Pre-Teen II competitors may dance up one age classification to "Junior I".
3. Junior I competitors may dance up one age classification to "Junior II".
4. Junior II competitors may dance up one age classification to "Youth".
5. Youth competitors may dance up to the Adult classification.

E. The following rules apply to competitors age 18 and under:
1. For Youth, Junior I and Junior II partnerships, one of the individuals may be no more than two age classifications younger.
2. If one of the individuals in the partnership is two age classifications younger, then the younger member of the partnership must request permission in writing from the NDCA Ballroom Department and in turn receive written approval prior to being allowed to compete. (example - a "Pre-Teen II" girl wishing to compete with a "Junior II" age boy)
a) If written permission is given for the individual to dance up two age classifications, then that person may not return again to dance in the original younger age classification that they "gave up".
3. Under no circumstance will a Pre-Teen I, Pre-Teen II, or a Junior I competitor be allowed to compete in the Adult age classification.
4. A Junior II competitor may not apply for permission to dance up as an Adult until they are 15 years old, at which time they would need to apply to the Ballroom Department as noted above.
5. Youth competitors turning 19 years of age in the calendar year may still dance as youths until they have graduated from "High School".

F. A couple's age classification eligibility is defined as the age of the older partner for the Pre-Teen I, Pre-Teen II, Junior I, Junior II, Youth and Adult classifications, while it is defined as the age of the younger partner for the Senior classifications.

G. Any amateur competitor dancing in a Pre-Teen I, Pre-Teen II, Junior I, Junior II, or Youth "open singles event" may only be partnered by another amateur competitor aged eighteen years or younger.

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